Ethical and Environmentally Friendly Kuranda Rainforest Coffee

Kuranda Coffee is all about our local 100% Australian single origin arabica produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly way in the excellent soil of our local highlands. Since 2007, each day small batches are hand selected, roasted with the utmost care and presented for your enjoyment at their ultimate freshness and aroma.

At our shop in Thongon Street (next to the supermarket), we showcase our roasts as an espresso or the much-appreciated cold drip, the perfect chilled pick me up on a hot day.

Kuranda Rainforest Coffee Original Roasts

  • Medium – A beautifully balanced blended fusion of fruity sweetness, depth and caramel and chocolatey notes. A good all-rounder with delightful aromatics and crisp finish.
  • Strong – For lovers of strong coffee without bitterness. Rich and luscious with dark chocolate, nutty and smokey undertones.

Our coffee is available in 125g, 250g, 500g and 1kg bags and we can grind to your requirements.

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